Kentucky is the nation’s “Cancer Capital” and has the highest rate of cancer diagnosis and mortality.  Roughly 10,000 Kentuckians will die from cancer this year alone. UofL’s James Graham Brown Cancer Center is on Ground Zero and serves Kentucky’s largest urban population.

All donations will go to the M. Krista Loyd Resource Center at the UofL James Graham Brown Cancer Center.

Gifts to the Resource Center help provide patients and their families with transportation, lodging, prosthetics, wigs, holistic and art therapies, additional supplies, and education. Transportation and lodging are major barriers to treatment for low-income and working patients and their families; for some, it is literally a matter of life and death. For many cancer patients, health

Marcelo and Barbara

About Us

We are two fans who love basketball and sports. We are taking this opportunity when our two schools will play each other for the first time to raise money and awareness for Cancer.


A graduate of the University of Louisville who fell in love with all things Louisville; the people, the school, the city, the State of Kentucky and the culture. He is a practicing social worker and consultant and the father of two children. Marcelo agreed to marry Barbara in part because her school colors are the same as the University of Louisville, Black and Red.


Began attending Texas Tech sporting events as a child. Her father was a Texas Tech graduate and her godparents lived in Lubbock. All supported Texas Tech at every opportunity. When it came time for college, there was no thought of attending another school.  After receiving a BBA in Marketing, Barbara relocated to the Dallas area and has been an ardent follower of Texas Tech ever since. She is very proud to be an adopted supporter of the University of Louisville and over the years, she and Marcelo (Mitch) have developed wonderful friendships based on their involvement at both Universities.

2019 Cancer Facts
Cancer deaths in 2019
New cases of invasive breast cancer
New cancer cases will be diagnosed among children ages 0 to 14 years in the US
New cases of leukemia

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Lost Friends

Loved Ones

Our Friends, each of whom lost their hard fought fight with cancer.